Well, I am quite relieved to see that I am not the only one who has been crapping their pants and hurling their lungs out this weekend. It would seem that there is most definitely a nasty bug floating around at the moment seeing as both Jason and Darryl have returned to the office this morning feeling sicker than what a dog could ever feel and even Gino’s girlfriend is down and out back home at the moment. Thank goodness the illness only hit them after their successful return from what sounds like a great weekend out at the Knysna Festival where Gino, Gino’s girlfriend and Darryl successfully completed the Knysna marathon, this being Gino’s first marathon ever. And while we might have been able to pin Jason’s troubles on all the oysters that he reportedly shucked while there with them, Nur has managed to dodge the bullet meaning that it can’t possibly have been that.

Thank goodness I’m feeling oodles better than what I did over the weekend, meaning that I’m finally well on the road to recovery and can now hopefully chow that chocolate croissant I missed out on Friday, though I’m a little wary when considering what its sweet chocolaty insides might do to my rather delicate tummy. I guess there is only one way to find out! :)

My only regret of course is that I will probably have to skip out on the katabox at gym tonight just to be on the safe side, a pity when I think about how well my gym routine has been progressing as of late. I’m finally a regular sight on the treadmill and exercise bike every week night as I embark upon the long and tedious journey of getting ready for the summer out here in sunny old Gordon’s Bay! :P

Update: Well, at least now I don’t feel so bad for slinking out of work early on Friday any more – both Darryl and Jason have now left the building!

chocolate croissant

Update (again): And now I must be close to 100% – that chocolate croissant seems to be settling nicely :)