Craig Lotter Profile PictureSo the fallout from the unsavoury events surrounding the ‘discovery’ of my blog by my colleagues and the subsequent fall out over some of its less than flattering comments has finally come to fruition.

And although I have agreed to stop commenting on office politics and life at work in general, this last post on matters at the office serves the same ideal as all the rest of my entries – to disseminate information about what is happening in my life to my friends, family and loved ones.

Today Kyle and I had a very amicable 3 hour long meeting where we discussed the matter at great length and I was fairly surprised to learn at just how serious an extent this matter was being discussed around the department and even the faculty as a whole.

Although a lot of my writing is generally tongue in cheek in nature, there are entries that are admittedly spiteful and vitriolic at times, usually mirroring the emotions I was going through at the time of writing them as it turns out that writing and drawing just happens to be my personal emotional outlet. Unfortunately of course, my decision to not hide anything behind fake names or a simple non de plume means that some of these entries have quite understandably upset a number people and as such created a fair ripple throughout the department – something for which I truly am apologetic about.

And to further complicate matters, the fact that while it was hosted on my ‘personal space’ within the Commerce server, it was still being hosted on a Commerce-owned server and as such throws the entire team and department in a bad light, never mind the fact that it can also be seen as an utter abuse of work property. Also, while 90% of my entries are usually time delayed to appear during peak SA online activity times, the fact that they do appear to ‘appear’ during work hours when I am supposed to be doing faculty work is of course another cause of concern that was raised and understandably so.

So as I mentioned, Kyle and I had a very long discussion about things and how they stand and while the matter certainly isn’t settled by a long shot, I am glad that the process has now started and that I can begin to accept the responsibility for my actions whatever the consequences may be.

The point of the matter is that I am sorry for how things turned out and I do understand that I did make a rather big mistake and that I am actually VERY wrong – something that I don’t usually admit to I shamefully have to add.

In any event, that is where I am going to leave things for now… the stubborn ass that I am is in more than enough trouble already thank you very much :(