Cracked Glass General Nonsense 17 JUL 2008

Broken WindowDamn, Chantelle was off to work quite early this morning, and there is nothing worse than getting to your car in the early hours of the morning before you are completely ready for the day, only to find the small back window at rear of your car smashed in, with glass scattered all over the seat on the inside.

Despite the guard patrols every now and then, access to Nagua Bay is a pretty simple thing thanks to opening up on the sea, and these miscreants obviously decided to take a bit of a chance last night. I checked around the parking lot and saw that they had first broke into an old Golf and stripped that out, and then they must have gone for Chantelle’s little green Getz, obviously targeting cars that shouldn’t have alarm systems installed.

Now Chantelle is sometimes what I like to call a poster child for potential theft victim, leaving things in plain view and just leaving her car radio in there for all to see, and obviously our nasty little gits decided it to be the perfect target and smashed the window in…

…which unfortunately for them must have triggered Chantelle’s alarm that Monty had installed a while ago and in doing so, scared the blighters off! We can count our lucky stars then because the radio is still sitting exactly where she left it and absolutely nothing else seems to have been taken from the car, meaning my hypothesis certainly does seem sound.

Hmm…, although, I didn’t check to see if any petrol was missing if I think about it now…

Man, one day I would love to lay my hands on someone I catch breaking into my car. I swear I’ll use them as a human jack while I change my tires! Grrr….

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