Coco ChanelAh, it makes a proud parent’s heart so glad to see their girl make their first ever poo out in the garden. Yup, it was with much bated breath that Chantelle and I sat outside in the sun yesterday, keeping very, very quiet so as not to disturb the wondrous spectacle before us.

There, sitting in the middle of the flower bed was Coco, and yes, she was doing her business in the sand!

A big hearty congratulations followed once she’d finished patting down the last of the covering sand and Chantelle and I couldn’t help but hug one another, shed a tear and remark on how fast our little girl is growing up. It would seem the drive to switch from the course to the fine, sand-like litter has done the trick, because the cats seem to now be able to make the transition to real soil at last! Now it is only a matter of catching young Olympus in the act, but I’m sure we won’t be waiting to much longer!

However, the growth in character for our two little kitties does not come without a price though. Friday we returned home to the sight of Chantelle’s cute little Zen garden in a box’s contents strewn all over the TV cabinet and a TV which no longer receives any signal at all!

Okay, so true, while Zen garden I can blame on the cats thanks to the paw marks and the striking resemblance to the mess in which they leave their litter box in, but the TV reception might be pushing it too far. Still, I need someone to blame because the problem is not getting fixed and Monday evening’s 7de Laan is rapidly approaching…

…and you never mess with your woman’s favourite TV show!

*sigh*, I can only hope a timely lightning strike sorts things out :(