SteakWow, you know work is damn busy at the moment (thanks to the start of term this Monday) if I only managed to physically post about the past weekend now!

As I’ve mentioned before, while Friday night saw Chantelle and I head out to Bernie’s Moorings for some alone time together, Saturday evening we were far more sociable and headed through to Bellville for a visit with Andri and Malcolm who we hadn’t seen for quite a couple of months now! We arrived there around 20:00 and enjoyed a lekker long chat, admired little Corban who has grown so much since we’ve last seen him, and placed our orders for the delicious Butler’s Pizza that was still to arrive. As for the evening’s entertainment, we opted for watching Jumper (despite Malcolm’s exuberance towards watching Cloverfield again), which Malcolm gleefully then set up on his projector and the four of us settled back into their luxurious leather couches and got to grips with this ultimately pretty but rather bland and boring movie.

Thankfully though the divine Butlers pizza more than made up for the bad movie (it was my first time eating Butlers ever, believe it or not!) and Chantelle and Andri both at least managed to get some shuteye in the process – so the evening wasn’t a complete waste after all! ;)

While our original plan had been to go out and inspect some lang-arm dancing venues after the visit, the spirit-draining Jumper had been more than enough to sap all our energy and instead we headed straight through to the Montgomery residence where it had been organised that we spend the night. We were more than pleasantly surprised to say the least when on arrival we found Chantelle’s room all kitted out guest house style, complete with ambient lighting and even a Ferrero Rocher choccie to boot!

After a quick chat with Monty and Cheryl, it was ‘retire to the room time’ and we spent a delightful evening fast asleep, only waking up occasionally to wonder about our two kitties who were spending their first evening alone back home in Gordon’s Bay (and to steal the duvet off one another).

Sunday morning and Chantelle was quite eager to attend church as we had once again not been able to attend church for quite a while now. Seeing as it wasn’t a hundred percent certain that her old pastor Gary was preaching on the day out at CCB in Parklands, we opted instead to attend my old Methodist church in Bellville, where we hooked up with Mom and Pops and enjoyed a pretty good communion service. Chantelle seemed pretty happy with this whole new experience, which probably explains why the next church we are going to check out in our area will be the Methodist church in Somerset West. And as an added bonus to the trip, Chantelle also got to meet Karl-Heinz’s mom for the first time, as well as a couple of the other ladies I used to play social badminton with on a Thursday evening.

The reason for sleeping over in Bellville and then spending the next day there as well was that it was time for the long-neglected “Sunday lunch at the Montys” event and so the next stop for the day was a quick spot of shopping for the upcoming braai as well as the unenviable job of shoe shopping for none other than myself – a prospect that I can barely stand at the best of times! Thankfully though this desire to get in and get out as fast as possible paid off in spades as we ended up only going to one shop, getting two pairs of shoes and getting out of there in a matter of minutes, before popping into the local Checkers and picking up all the goodies for the braai (including two custard doughnuts just for tasting purposes of course!).

Back home and Rob was once again nominated tong master where he proceeded to braai some of the best tasting steaks that I’ve enjoyed in a long time, accompanied by the usual mix of roast veggies and salad straight out of Cheryl’s kitchen. Lunch was a pleasant affair as always, and by the time we were all finished with the main course, there wasn’t an unsatisfied stomach amongst us!

Making the most out of the fact that we were spending so much time in Bellville over the weekend, Rob then managed to persuade C to lend him a hand and help him out with his clothing shopping as she is his bona fide fashion consultant – which she’s pretty pleased about because she gets to shop, pick out good clothes, and actually dress someone that listens to her for a change! So off to Tygervalley we went, where I left the two shopaholics alone and went on my own saunter through the busy shopping mall, scanning all the regulars that I no longer get to visit as often any more.

Of course, this being a Sunday afternoon meant that Tygervalley isn’t exactly open all hours of the day (and thankfully too because otherwise those two might never have finished up!) and the three of us found ourselves eventually reunited and back at the house where the big pack up (and dishes wash) got underway.

Next on the list for Bellville was a visit with my parents, a prospect made even better thanks to the fact that Mom phoned me to inform us that she had baked some flapjacks in anticipation for our visit. So off we rushed to eat flapjacks… I mean visit with them and so doing managed to kill off yet more of our precious Sunday hours which meant once again another Sunday afternoon without that all important Sunday Afternoon Nap that is becoming increasingly important as these years seem to pass by! :)

As nice as the visit with Mom and Pops was (as always), our conscience eventually got the better of us and we decided it best that we hit the road ASAP and dash off to Gordon’s Bay to save our poor kitties who have been locked up in the house since Saturday evening already! Braving thick mist and an obsidian darkness to get home, we were understandably more than a little disappointed to swing open our door and rush with open arms to our kitties…

…who didn’t even seem happy to see us. Hell, if I knew any better I would say they didn’t even know we had been gone! Even the goldfish gave us more loving than those two little rascals! :(

Anyway, it was good to finally be back home, where we belong, and it was with the thought that it had been a weekend well spent with family and friends that we hit the sack and got ready for the exciting week that was to come…

(Which of course we are now already half way through! Boy does time fly by when you’re busy!)