Snackwich MakerI got a bit of a shock yesterday morning while making myself a snackwich for breakfast… no, literally I got a bit of a shock!

Is this even possible? The snackwich press was on and ready to go, I placed my two lovingly crafted cheese sandwiches into their respective pockets, closed the thing up and then happily went about emptying the kitties’ litter box as my sandwich from heaven was slowly being grilled into a piece of art.

The litter box empty, the kitties occupied and my sandwich done, I flipped up the top and grabbed the first golden toasted snackwich – only to sharply pull back my hand that was now more tingly than that feeling you get when kissing a girl for the very first time!

What the Hell?!?

So I reached for my toast again, and again I withdrew from the battle thanks to a sharp shock and a hell of a lot of static surrounding my golden lovelies. Is it even possible for an electric current to pass through a toasted cheese sandwich? Is it the margarine on the outside or the cheese on the inside that is conducting the electricity??

In any event, this can only spell disaster because either the bread we are using has way too high a metal content, or there is something seriously faulty with the electrics on my newly purchased Logik Snackwich Maker. Or it could be something with the multi-plug to which the machine was attached, or it could be something disastrously wrong with the socket itself!

Now I don’t know much about electricity and I don’t know much about the conductivity of toasted sarmies, but something is telling me that I might have the start of a serious problem on my (now tingly and slightly numb) hands! :(

Oh well, at least I managed to extract my toasted honeys to safety by utilising my rubber gripped oven tongs… which of course was only after the full metal fork had already exacerbated the situation!