OlympusSeeing as we made such a big deal about Coco’s first outside poo (see here for the thrilling details), it seems fair to make just as much fuss about Olympus’ latest feat, namely that of leaping from the floor right up onto the kitchen counter by employing the oven door handle as a mid-jump foothold!

And while it certainly sounds impressive when typed out loud, be certain that it looks just as amazing in real life! Olympus can now officially clear the highest skyscraper in a single bound and both his mommy and daddy couldn’t be prouder, with the biggest of smiles etched in on our faces.

Of course the only problem now is that with this new found ability of leaping up onto the counter leaves us with no safe haven for our food or even the fishies for that matter and the area in which to apply his naughtiness (playfulness?) has quadrupled!

*sigh*, here’s to hoping that Coco doesn’t follow suit along this path any time soon!