You see that nifty little icon next to the URL in your Internet browser’s address bar? That little icon is known as a favicon (short for favourites icon) and was originally used by Microsoft for their Internet Explorer favourites list. However, since then everyone has jumped on the bandwagon and the favicon has become a pretty standard feature for most websites.

The original and simplest way of attaching a favicon to your website is to simply locate or create a standard icon (.ico) file, rename it to favicon.ico and then drop it into the root folder of your web server.

However, if you don’t like that idea all that much, another method is available to you and you can simply insert either of the following tags (the two just highlight the difference between pointing to an .ico and a .png file) into the section of your HTML output:


favicon cc
Now the purpose of today’s little post is to highlight a particularly useful web site I stumbled across that allows you to generate your own favicon.ico files. has been created by some clever bugger wanting to stretch their coding prowess muscles and turns out to be a pretty darn good application. The web site design is very simple, clean and uncluttered, and even a newbie should be able to whip up their own little icon in record time.

Clever controls allow you to either create your own icon from scratch (including the ability to generate animations!) or import existing images and automatically convert them into useable icons. Your masterpiece complete, you then have the option to either download or publish your icon for use all over the World Wide Web!

It really couldn’t be any simpler :)

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