Peck DeckWhew, I’m glad to report that the drive to get a more active gym routine going is still going strong at the moment. Monday nights is Katabox, the only class that I currently attend and then the rest of the week’s evening outings to the gym are reserved for some treadmill running and exercise bike riding, followed up with a variety of mucking about on the various weight machines scattered around the gym floor.

While my strength is slowly but surely getting back to where I want it to be, my cardiovascular still has a long, long way to go before I’m happy with it (just as my waistline has a loooonnngg way to go before I ever forgive it for getting so out of hand in the first place!)

Like I said, Katabox is my current group activity of choice, and it helps that our trainer gives a more than decent class, a good motivating factor in going back each week for more of the same gruelling punishment. Outside of that though, there aren’t any other classes that tickle my fancy, though I am toying with the idea of picking up one or two of the yoga classes on offer, simply because I’ve enjoyed it in the past and it certainly did help in terms of posture and flexibility, something I can most definitely make use of at the moment!

Now that things are finally quietening down at the guesthouse and she’s finally healthy and back on her feet 100%, Chantelle has also rejoined me at the gym, so that’s another plus in getting the whole routine going as it is always easier to motivate yourself to go in the first place if your partner is there egging you on all the way. Shame the poor girl hasn’t been to gym for a long, long time, so the first couple of workouts are taxing her (just as I am killing myself with the treadmill runs that always seem to end off on a much faster note that what I can pull off), but she’ll get back onboard pretty soon I’m sure.

Though on that thought, even if we do run ourselves into the ground, its nice to know that Dad can always pop around and give us a lift, seeing as the crafty old bugger has just completed the purchase of his very first SUV, a 2005 Lexus RX700 (or something like that). The old man has been dreaming of owning one of these big gas guzzlers for years now, and finally the opportunity has arisen and bitten dad on the nose! I’ve already told Pops that they’ll have to move to Constantia now, because people from Oakglen, Bellville just don’t drive such smart cars around in the first place!! :P

Anyway, while our soup diet has now thankfully seem to have fallen by the wayside at last, it looks good in terms that the whole gym thing is taking off properly once again – hopefully summer and the all-encompassing desire to appear on the beach without a shirt on is still a little ways off, just to give us the extra little time that we need! :)