A woman walks into a fancy BMW dealership one morning and begins to browse around, finally spotting the car she likes, an exotic silver metallic BMW Z4 roadster.

Walking over to inspect the car more closely, the lady bends over to run her hand over the car’s fine leather upholstery, and much to her embarrassment, a fairly loud fart escapes from her rear. Blushing a bright shade of red, she quickly stands up and looks around nervously, hoping that no one has noticed her little accident and hoping upon all hopes that a sales person doesn’t pop up right at this moment.

And of course, as she turns around, who should be there but that ever-present salesman.

“Good day Madam. How may we be of service to you today?”

Very uncomfortably, she replies, “Sir, what is the price of this lovely vehicle?”

To which he quickly answered: “Madam, if you farted from just touching it, you are going to kak yourself when you hear the price!”

Sexy Girl BMW