OlympusSo following the enthralling adventure of Coco and Olympus getting smart, we’ve already had CaPoo! and CaJump!, which now proudly brings me to CaNavigate!, the latest kittie intelligence exploit brought to us courtesy of that ever lovable ball of fur, Coco.

Despite frequent attempts at trying to teach Coco and Olympus the concept of the front of the house connecting to the back, this foreign idea has remained just that as we basically need to leave both doors now open so that they can alternatively go to the back or to the front whenever they please.

On Saturday I was doing a spot of ironing (domesticated, I know) and the two rascals were getting rather on my nerves, thanks to their having entered “ultra playful” mode which means any slightly moving article is fair game. Obviously this makes ironing particularly difficult, what with two kittens suspended in midair attached to the iron’s electrical cord, and eventually enough was enough and a frustrated dad opened the sliding door, booted the two out and then closed the door behind them, leaving two rather forlorn kitties peering inside.

I happily got back to ironing, peacefully working for a minute or two before noticing that the iron was beginning to feel a little heavier than normal again. I peered down below the ironing board, and lo and behold, there was little Coco having the ball of her life once again. Flabbergasted that she had finally learnt how to navigate around the house and come in via the front door, it took a full 30 seconds of stroking and holding and congratulating her before tossing her out the front door and then slamming it shut behind her.

Ah, there is nothing like ironing in peace and quiet… :)

Oh, and as an extra bonus, Chantelle is now reporting sightings of Coco joining her brother Olympus in the “jump up to the counter ability” – Saturday saw our washing up sponge devoured in the most horrific of ways…