To Do ListI love C and I know that she loves me back, but sometimes I’ve got to wonder, like yesterday when I arrived home to find her hard at work cleaning the flat, a feat particularly worrying considering that this was her first day off in ages and she really can do with a nice rest. The worrying aspect of it all lies with this though: the ‘to do’ list up on our little blackboard in the kitchen, specifically reminding herself to love me. You would think she does that automatically by now?

Worrying, eh? ;)

The other worrying aspect lies in the apparent brutality C comes packaged with, normally hidden away from the public eye. While on her cleaning spree she decided that it was time to beat out the lounge mat in order to get it a little cleaner than what it currently is – except that in the process she managed to break my favourite broom in half – and it’s one of those metal tube covered with plastic ones!

She managed to snap that handle clean in two, meaning I’m going to have now treat her with even more love and respect than before.

That must then explain why I took her out last night to watch Batman: Dark Knight and then followed that straight up with supper at the Spur in the Strand…