Tree Okay, so now we have had CaPoo!, CaJump! and CaNavigate!, so next on the list is CaClimb! as I discovered for myself while outside looking for the damn cats so I could put them inside and go off to gym yesterday.

Coco as per usual was pretty easy to trick into coming to me so that I can grab her and toss her inside, but Olympus was nowhere to be seen… until I looked upwards that is.

There at the top of a thin, tall, palm-like tree (pictured right) was Olympus, his whole body wrapped around the trunk and currently in the process of crawling down the tree in a very hilarious, worm-like manner! I could hardly believe my eyes (or contain my laughter)!

And not just that. The boy had been making me proud all day long already. He’d already chased off the mean-tempered cat of the complex, Abby, and then followed that up by making friends with the two other white cats that prowl the grounds. And then to top off everything, he even made an unannounced visit into one of the lady’s homes across the parking lot! Talk about adventuresome!

(Oh, and he is now capable of jumping in and out of the house via my ‘man room’ window!)

*sniff*, they grow up so fast….