Office WorkerSo, today marks the last day of working at home for me as starting tomorrow, I’m back in the office full time, following the withdrawal of this ‘privilege’ of mine.

As you may or may not know, the existence of this very blog caused a couple of problems at work and proved to be the perfect hook that the boss had been looking for to use in reeling me back into the office. He had been against the idea of me working from home from the very beginning, only giving into it in the end because a) the higher authorities cleared it and b) he didn’t feel like the effort of replacing me just yet.

Look, the only reason I even suggested the possibility of continuing in my position and working from home is that following my move to Gordon’s Bay, driving into Cape Town everyday on the salary I receive is simply not worth my while. It is economically unviable if you consider the high price of fuel, the wear and tear on my car or even the actual time consumed just by making the trip in to Cape Town in the first place!

And quite frankly, this working from home gig is actually working out pretty nicely. My work rate has remained unaffected and the calls are being resolved at the same rate and at the same efficiency that they always have been. If anything, I’ve actually been working more than what I used to thanks to the fact that I now often find myself working outside of work hours (much to the frustration of C of course), just to ‘get that last e-mail handled’ you know!

Anyway, so the economically unviable position of working in the Cape Town office hasn’t changed and just like I stated when I first approached the boss to inform him about my imminent move to this part of the world a couple of months ago, if I have to continue working from there then I’m going to have to start looking for a new job.

And so I am. Okay, so my first interview hasn’t worked out it would seem (Ryan can now breathe a sigh of relief!) but the market for programmers and web developers isn’t looking too bad out there at the moment, despite the fact that the country seems to be heading for a so called ‘economic slowdown’. Seems like I picked a good industry to be in then! :)

In any event, there is a chance of a different approach to the problem that I want to pursue first before making any hard progress into the job market, so I guess I’ll have to tackle that one first.

Other than that – anyone remember how to type up a good CV? Mine needs a little dusting off!