And seeing as I’m on the topic of car accidents, shame Claire had a nasty experience all of her own during this week as well.

As I understand it, she was in morning traffic down Strand Street, stopped at the traffic lights, when all of a sudden an old Chevy sedan smashed right into the back of her beautiful black Sportline Polo, crushing the back bumper and smashing her boot in.

Black PoloApparently this guy was completely out of it when she approached him, saying things like he couldn’t see properly and really just looking as if he had just stepped straight out of the hospital, still half drugged. Luckily Claire took the initiative, swiped the bloke’s ID document which happened to be in his pocket and captured his number from his phone, but unfortunately it looks like she was pretty much wasting her time.

The guy doesn’t appear to have insurance (or rather, he “can’t remember”) and to top it all off, he doesn’t even live here. Apparently he is a Zambian currently living in a guesthouse in Seapoint or something like that, but this dodgy fellow even suggested that Claire follow him to his place so that they could check out the damage and discuss insurance – luckily Claire is more than smart enough not to fall for that!

Apparently they then organised to meet in the evening at a local KFC (with Riley accompanying), but naturally this chap didn’t pitch. Shame sister, looks like some bloody arsehole is going to cost you plenty of money now. :(

Sometimes I really wish there were tighter control of who appears on the rode. I’m sure there are plenty of countries already out there that don’t even allow you on the road if you aren’t insured, and perhaps it is high time that South Africa joins their ranks too!