Flee Fleas! My Life 01 AUG 2008

FleaShame, I don’t think little Coco and Olympus have hated Chantelle and me as much as they did yesterday after we separated the two and then held each one down in turn and applied some obviously foul reacting flea control solution to the back of their necks and between their shoulder blades.

The minute the stuff got on their skin, the cats went berserk, tearing around and frothing at the mouth at this rather unsavoury solution that was obviously hurting them like hell. And as much as it broke our hearts to do this (Chantelle even phoned later the evening to check that we hadn’t killed them), it was an unfortunate necessity as the price to pay for playing outside unchecked is fleas.

Lots and lots of fleas as the unfortunately sweet tasting Chantelle soon found out after waking up covered in flea bites one morning. (Needless to say I didn’t even notice that we had fleas in our bed. Like Chantelle likes to say, every night I seemingly die when I hit the bed and then magically resurrect the next morning…)

The solution is meant to kill any eggs on the cats and at the same time contains a flea repellent that should hopefully help for the current batch of fleas causing the two to sit and scratch every couple of minutes.

But shame. In four weeks time the two playful little buggers are going to have to go through it all again…

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