Office WorkerOMG! What a surprise turnaround. While I had fully committed myself to looking for new work and getting out of Commerce I.T. as soon as possible now that my ‘privilege’ of working at home had been revoked, I was needlessly to say rather shocked to be called into the office this morning for my performance review and be told first thing that perhaps the decision to call me back had been a little hasty. After an investigation into some of the things I claimed with regards to posting activity had been verified and a few other points had been pondered, the boss has decided to reverse his decision and I no longer need to return full time to the office.

Well, quite obviously my day has now just been made. Hello weekend, here I come worry free!

There are some tweaks to the clauses like changing the days in the office from a Monday and a Friday to a Monday and a Thursday, as well as the creation of a time sheet which I need to be monitored and signed off from, but nothing particularly sinister or displeasing to me, making my acceptance of the decision reversal pretty easy to swallow.

I’m just glad that the decision was made in time, before things soured completely. As it is I’ve already done quite a bit of job hunting and my resignation letter layout was almost complete. Not to mention my ‘alternative solution’ plan which was being hatched and launched today which would have undoubtedly caused some major rifts as well.

So all’s well that ends well.

Looks like I’m going to remain a faithful Commerce I.T. employee for a little while longer then! :)