ScrabbleSo for the last week (and until this week Wednesday) Chantelle has been waking, working and sleeping at the guest house thanks to Whammy and Louise off on their hunting trip to the far reaches of South Africa, leaving manager C finally in complete control of the guesthouse. Of course, not having your bokkie living next to you is not the most fun thing in the world, which is why I too have found myself spending most of the evenings in the confines of Room 1, Gordon’s Beach Lodge.

Not that I’m complaining of course. Spacious, beautiful rooms that feature a luxurious, soft king-sized bed and a huge en-suite bathroom is never a thing to scoff at, but it is something else about this time that I’ve enjoyed the most – the fact that the two of us are finally finding the time to spend supper time in each other’s company once more, just like we used to after I had first moved in.

The last month or so has been a hectic period for C at work as she had to deal with the extended family who were down for Andy’s wedding and then stayed on to complete their South African holiday which meant that I saw less and less of her as she was forever cooking supper or hanging out with them in the evenings. So now that they are gone and she can’t actually run off anywhere, we’ve been cooking nice tasty suppers together almost every evening, usually followed up by a movie or games or something like that.

For instance, last night we enjoyed a fantastic bout of Scrabble, the second time we’ve ever clashed heads over this particular board game. As it turned out, I was mightily impressed by how much Chantelle’s Scrabble prowess has improved since the last outing (which was October last year!) and it certainly goes a far way in vindicating her decision to raise her hand at Saturday evening’s Barnyard concert which started off by the MC prompting to find out who all the English-speaking folks were there for the evening! :)

Looks like Monty and Cheryl just might discover that one day they’re going to have to speak to their daughter in English – at this rate she might just forget how to speak Afrikaans altogether! :P

(Oh wow, 800th post already! Gosh, these round numbers sure seem to creep up quickly around here!)