*sniff sniff*

I’ve quite a heavy workload at the moment and it is busy getting to me just that little bit…

So the other day on my lunch break I walked over to Pick ‘n Pay to grab some lunch and a couple of other necessities for the house like milk, juice and cooldrink and seeing as I felt that I needed a bit of a ‘pick me up’, I decided to sneakily toss a slab of my current favourite chocolate into the basket as well – that being Beacon’s absolutely fabulous Threesome chocolate which consists of the three layers of dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate compressed into one single layer of heavenly goodness (though not according to Chantelle who won’t accept anything Beacon – only Cadbury’s chocolate is good enough for her!)

ThreesomeThe goods paid for and my bags securely gripped in hand, I strode back home, seriously looking forward to my solitary sausage roll and indulgent chocolate snack.

A brisk walk later, and I was seated in front of the computer, steaming sausage roll on plate and a very… melted chocolate in the freezer :(

Would you believe that amongst the ice cold milk, juice and cooldrink, the slab somehow managed to land flat under the warm sausage roll and remain underneath it all the way home, resulting in a rather bedraggled and certainly not entirely recognisable chocolaty mess when I finally retrieved it from the bottom of the bag.


It tasted okay after finally rescuing it out of the freezer I guess.