BowlingFollowing straight on from Chantelle’s ‘Big Day Off Work’, next up on Saturday’s agenda was a bowling and supper at Starlite Diner in Bellville night which she had hastily organised after learning that she was going to get Saturday off after all (a nice surprise seeing as we are going away to Mossel Bay next weekend).

So after our glorious day out and about in Pringle Bay, Betty’s Bay and even Gordon’s Bay itself, it was on the N2 and off to mom and pop’s place where I had organized to quickly pop in to collect my racing bicycle as that happens to be the next trick I’m going to try in battling my ever expanding waistline. That quick stopover done (with the added bonus of meeting Claire’s Cal and Tiga, who have grown so much since we last saw them!), next on the to do list was a visit to the Montgomery household as we felt it necessary to pop in for a coffee with them before they left for Mossel Bay the next day. A quick cuppa Joe and some chatter and then it was off once more, this time the destination being Tygervalley – and the big Saturday Night Tenpin Bowling Showdown!

Chantelle’s brother Rob had elected to join us for the evening and we met up with our fellow contestants down at the bowling lanes, 15 minutes before the scheduled showdown was to begin. The roster for the evening consisted of Chantelle and me, Riley and Claire, Ryan, Rob, Retha and her friend Monica and Dean and Zania, though Zania managed to pull out at the last moment thanks to a nasty little bug that managed to pull a whole lot of sympathy and get well soon comments from us all!

Two lanes booked and the match got underway, girls versus guys though that quickly fizzled out as we realized that the real competition lay in the respective divisions themselves. The girls competition was a tough affair, coming down to the last frame where Claire pipped Chantelle and took the honours, coming in with a (not that) respectable 50 odd. Retha and Monica lagged a fair bit behind in the totals I understand, but the fun is all in the game and it sounds like they all had a good time (plus they had the added bonus of having a lane that actually worked properly 100% of the time!)

The guys’ side got off to a funny start as I got the dubious honour of throwing the first ball for the evening, an act that saw me hilariously fall on my ass as my left foot slipped out from under me and resulted in a fairly spectacular split from which I somehow managed not to hurt anything – and happened to knock down 9 pins in the process! (Unfortunately it just kind of went downhill from there, with my notoriously bad luck in throwing 9s plaguing my game for the rest of the evening and eventually saw me end a sad last on the men’s table).

As expected, Riley proved an athletic force to be reckoned with, but a surprise showing from Rob turned the match into a closely fought battle with the final honours only being decided in the last frame where both gained an extra throw for a strike and a spare respectively. Ryan and Dean followed suit, both breaking a 100 and leaving me with a pitiful 97 or so, stuck firmly in last place.

Our game was a little drawn out thanks to the constant problems with the lane that we experienced so the girls had to wait a little while for us to finish up, but it was a pretty fun affair in the end and it looks like the victorious Carpenter clan of Claire and Riley shall henceforth be known as the tenpin bowling tour de force.

Actually, on the note of the lane giving us constant hassles, it must be said that we were all pretty shocked at the state of disrepair that the whole operation falls in and it is pretty hard to justify the steep price they ask for the privilege of picking out your own holey shoes and tossing pocked asteroids down a not-so slippery lane in the hopes that your so-called lane’s television screen is still at least in some semblance of working order to display the resulting score.

The fun and games over, Claire and Riley decided to bow out and the rest of us then headed out to stage two of the evening, namely the supper at Starlite Diner bit. Without having booked, we were quite relieved to find the place not that busy and they easily accommodated the seven of us around one of their big tables where we scrambled to put our orders in because it would seem that the majority of people only go there in order to get their hands on the fabled double thick Oreo milkshake!

The food orders were surprisingly boring, with most of us actually opting for the Mexican burger apart from Ryan and Dean who decided to opt for the massive Yankee Doodle burger that comes standard with a humungous 500g burger patty! Surprisingly enough, the two of them actually managed to polish their food off, but it must be said that by the end of the evening Ryan was certainly not looking his best and Dean looked like he was sweating puddles, despite his composed facial features.

The evening turned into quite a relaxed and pleasant affair, but unfortunately it got cut off rather abruptly thanks to someone releasing some malicious mace or teargas thanks to the big fight that erupted between some patrons and waiters that even saw one of the waiters march out of the kitchen brandishing a rather large and intimidating panga.

This was a rather effective cue in seeing most of the restaurant patrons dump down their money and leaves ASAP, us included, and it was a pretty much ‘hightail it out of there before things turned really ugly’ affair. It looked to be a bit of a racial tiff and by the time the security had arrived, we had all exited, said our goodbyes and left the premises.

So not the greatest way in which to bid farewell to Dean, Ryan and Rob, but for Monica, Retha, Chantelle and myself, this was only the beginning of the night: next stop, Danskraal :)