Swiss RollAfter a thoroughly relaxing, exciting and enjoyable day on Saturday, Sunday was a far more toned down affair with Chantelle back at work and me entertaining myself by playing with the cats, reassembling my bicycle, typing up blog posts and getting as much Rogue Galaxy in as what I possibly could. However, my quiet day of basically being a hermit was not destined to last forever as I got a forewarning phone call from mom to let me know that they wanted to pop in for a quick visit late afternoon, bringing the grannies along for a ride.

Of course I didn’t hesitate in agreeing to their request, amazing if you consider the fact that by Chantelle not being there would mean that I would have to do the quick cleanup operation all by myself! So clean, clean, clean, a present surprise of Chantelle returning home early from work (tired and with headache of course), late lunch and it was time for our guests to arrive, albeit one member short of the initially proposed troop.

By now almost all my immediate family have already paid their visit to our humble abode here in Gordon’s Bay, except for the two grandmas, meaning that this was quite a prestigious occasion in welcoming the two old ladies into our house for the very first time (okay, so Granny Lotter couldn’t make it in the end thanks to her feeling a little unwell, but Granny Sedgefield was there so it still counts!).

Mom had warned me not to bother getting any eats or really preparing for the visit, and on Gran’s arrival it soon became apparent why – the old dear arrived clutching her purple shopping bag which revealed a delicious Swiss roll and some wonderfully fresh mosbrood, both of which I haven’t eaten in ages! The kettle was swiftly put on and coffee became the order of the day, accompanied by the delicious snacks which couldn’t help but make me feel a little guilty for not providing some eats of our own in the first place.

Gran seems to like the flat and our kitties (so much so that she threatened to steal one of them!) and in the end the five of us had a really nice Sunday afternoon visit in each other’s company, even managing to nip outside to enjoy the wonderful weather we were experiencing by taking a nice stroll out to the beach – not that the ladies joined Dad and myself on the sand though; Guess it really must be too much effort to take off both the shoes and socks! :)

Anyway, so that is one more of my immediate family members down, leaving only Granny L who needs to get in on the act! Maybe I should tempt her here by pulling out the Canasta cards?