FleaSo seeing that the Bob Martin flea treatment failed so miserably and just seemed to cause unnecessary trauma to our two children, we had to take it up a notch, particularly in light of the fact that the two kids will be staying with Mom in Bellville this weekend as we are away in Mossel Bay for a little weekend away getaway.

So by taking it up a notch, what do we mean?

Well, using the proper stuff is what we mean, and that means FrontLine, the exorbitantly expensive pet treatment stuff, but also the stuff that over the years has proved the most effective of the lot.

Luckily Gordon’s Bay seems to have more vets than human doctors situated in the town, meaning that locating the stuff was a cinch and after paying a friendly receptionist at the vet (people working in veterinary clinics are always friendly aren’t they?) suitable remuneration, we returned home, located the cats and put them in the room for easy extraction.

One by one I put Coco and Olympus in an appropriate headlock and Chantelle proceeded to empty the pipettes out over the recommended spots, before letting them go and bound off – though this time in considerably less distress than with the first time we had treated them.

Hopefully this batch works, so Mom, if your house happens to all of a sudden suffer a mini flea invasion after the weekend, we’re sorry… but at least we tried! :)