Daddy Long LegsEeeek! I know that they are harmless and pretty okay to have around, but still, I don’t like it.

So I’m sitting happily working and the kittens are all around me (thanks Mom, Pops and Ryan for looking after them while we were away!) because of the noise emanating from the guys cutting all the lawns outside. As I sit in my chair, furiously typing, I feel a furry sensation brush against my leg and I assume that Olympus is looking for love again – because Coco is curled up in front of my keyboard as always.

Not breaking my stride, I continue to type away, and the furry sensation continues to brush up against me, getting higher and higher until it is right up to my knee.

Giving up, I bend over to give Olympus the attention he is so obviously craving only to recoil and jump out of my chair at the sight of this humongous Daddy Long Legs spider happily climbing up my leg!


Needless to say, the furry monster has no safely been shooed to the other corner of my room and I’m back behind the keyboard, with both kittens firmly in sight…