TreeAt least I now know that with the proper motivation, little Olympus can get out of almost any predicament all on his own. Like yesterday when I arrived home from gym and called the two of them inside to come and eat. As per usual Coco came bolting in like a bat out of hell and she was soon happily chomping away at the bowl of tuna that I placed before her, while Olympus suspiciously remained out of sight.

Failing to respond to any of my calls, I set outside to find him and lo and behold I spied him off in the distance stuck in the top of a rather large palm tree thingie. You could see he was trying to get out but the dear was well and truly stuck, plaintively mewing away at what I can only guess was the thought of Coco finishing off all the food without him.

To high for me to reach, I continued to call him down and gave him a good ten minutes or so, in which all he managed to show me was that he had indeed bitten off a little more than what he could chew.

Still, I had one more secret weapon up my sleeve, and so I stepped back inside, dished up his share of tuna and went and placed it close to the base of the tree. My world for a video camera, because what followed was pure comedy gold – looking like a slow, caterpillar in reverse, Olympus managed to back down two thirds of the tree before losing his grip and plummeting to the soft shrub below, thankfully from a height that was by that stage pretty low to the ground.

Undaunted by his very ungraceful descent, the boy immediately came charging to the bowl and so my story reached a happy conclusion (with him inside eating and Coco locked outside – the bugger keeps stealing my boy’s food!)