Exercise BikeI did something remarkably unusual and out of the ordinary for me yesterday morning – I went for an EARLY morning gym visit. Way before the sun had risen, way before Chantelle had left for work, I was happily sitting astride an exercise bike watching the Olympic pole vaulters compete on the flatscreen TV in front of me and breaking out a nice and shiny sweat at the same time.

Now early morning exercise is not a new thing for me, back in the day when I was still doing Kung Fu and Karate we’d break out for early Saturday morning training routines and more recently I would join Ryan and Pops for some early morning squash back when I was still living in Bellville and way before I had injured my knee.

Hell, even Karl managed to entice me out once or twice for an early morning squash battle. (Which reminds me, when are you popping around for some squash here at the complex sometime Mr Storbeck? I promise I’ll replace our braai soon so as to have reason to invite you guys over!)

But to go out early on a weekday and actually gym? My word, a new experience for me! :)

Actually, I must admit that the exercise itself was pretty easy and nice and enjoyable. The gym is not that empty that you feel like a poephol for being the only one there (like on a Sunday afternoon) and surprisingly enough 20 minutes on the exercise bike and any fear you might have had about being to stiff, cold or sore to train so early in the morning is quickly over. In fact, the worst part of the whole experience is the actual dragging yourself out of bed so early in the morning not because you have to (I get up for work in the office at 04:50 in the morning) but because you choose to. Ouch.

So in short I liked it, and I damn well hope I can make it more of a permanent thing just to get this rear back into gear of mine.

Now if only I can convince Chantelle to kick me out of bed so early more often! :)