You sometimes have to marvel at the depths of stupidity that the human race is prepared to sink to given the right motivation – and this has got to extend to the healthy ankle lover’s worst nightmare – the annual Glamour magazine organised Stiletto Run, literally a high heel race with some very high stakes.

Needless to say, the idea of a woman in high heels is always nice – seeing them trip and break an ankle not so much.

(Just by the way, this year’s race in Russia saw 100 women take part, with Svetlana Martinova taking overall honours)

woman falling in high heel running race

woman falling in high heel running race 2

Oh well, at least checking for damage hasn’t looked quite so good I guess.

woman runner checking her high heel shoes for damage

In any event, I’d much rather see someone make a fool of themselves on public TV anyway…

falling down the stairs on tv