So seeing as Chantelle was on work duty the whole weekend, I was tasked with entertaining myself for most of the time, meaning there was no hesitation in agreeing to attend an informal Nagua Bay owners (and tenants) meeting that was scheduled for 10:00 on Saturday morning in our Nagua Bay clubhouse.

Now my original plan for Saturday had included inviting Ryan and Terrance out to GB for a spot of tennis and squash in the morning, but just as well the three of us cancelled this idea because come Saturday the rain was pouring down and our swimming pool AND tennis court looked like they were to burst their banks any second now!

I arrived just on time as the meeting got underway, but unfortunately hindsight is always such a bugger because I arrived to find there not enough chairs for everyone attending and the few clever people who think ahead, arrived with their own chairs in hand. Now I didn’t have a problem standing and stand I did – it is just a pity that I didn’t know that the meeting would last a good 2 hours long!

Nagua BayThe other unfortunate bit of the whole affair was that this little impromptu ‘meeting’ was called together for no other reason than a little complex politics and rumour mongering and as such it turned out that there really wasn’t a reason for this meeting to have happened in the first place because we in the end didn’t go with the organising person’s grievances nor follow her agenda, so that was a bit of a waste.

On the other hand it turned out to be an excellent and invaluable spot for gathering information on the complex, how it is run, current logistics and planning and even the greater Antilles, Cayman and Nagua Bay politics (these three sub-complexes are all grouped under one complex umbrella). The other plus for the meeting was that I got to meet our new caretaker and learn a lot more about him, and quite frankly I must say that I am impressed. The man seems very experienced and extremely competent at that, so I look forward to some great things from him.

So all in all, if I look past all the moaning and pettiness of some of the people there, I can actually say that Saturday morning was a morning well spent – I gained some valuable insights on the place in which we stay and at the same time even got some thigh strengthening exercises in too! :)

(Oh, and I learned about gardening and water availability. It would seem that to many people living here, gardening is the thing of paramount importance. Go figure.)