20071012_Red_WineSo after a stressful Saturday evening and all the worry about the car I woke up with, you would think I’d just slump in the couch and relax Sunday away, but no I had other plans for the day. First off was a kitchen rearrange because the damn Tupperware cupboard is now getting on my nerves (I’m domesticated, what can I say?), next was finally sorting out our television aerial (so we now finally have all our SABC and eTV channels at our disposal once more – sorry Babes for taking so long!), sorting out my home PC whose hard drive was failing, installing said PC in the lounge as a media center hooked up to the TV, programming an interface application to make using the TV as a primary monitor feasible (BigVid came out pretty cool in my opinion) and then finally re-arranging my whole office to make my workplace more efficient and allow me to get the most out of all the work equipment that I have there at the moment.

Talk about a busy day! No wonder that by the end of it my back was killing me and my phone manners were not at their greatest, a problem if you consider just how much Chantelle was phoning me from work on the day! :P

Anyway, the day passed by rather more quickly than what I planned, and Chantelle triumphantly burst in straight from work around 19:30 and it was a quick gathering of wine and goodies before jumping into the Getz and racing off to Bellville, dropping in at the local Spar on the way to pick up the final snacks (and getting an absolute bargain on double ply toilet paper, a fact I have no idea why I just shared with you) before grinding to a halt behind Claire’s still injured Polo at Mom’s house.

The reason for the impromptu family gathering of Claire, Riley, Mom, Pops, Ryan, Chantelle, myself, Monty and Cheryl was a bit of a farewell get together as next weekend Mom and Pops embark on their month long USA trip in which the lucky buggers will get to see the best of what the States has to offer, courtesy of the family and friends out there.

So we arrived to find that not only Claire’s Polo was still injured, but now her man is as well, with Riley recovering from his now second major motorbike accident thanks to a fool with missed him in his blindspot and just took him out while changing lanes on the M3. Luckily Riley and the bike managed to (miraculously) come off with fairly minor injuries, but still, it looks like Riley is becoming a real sucker for tar punishment.

As per usual dad was sweating it out in front of the dining room place, braaing us a mean bit of meat that looked enough to feed a small army and thankfully even though we were half an hour later than what we said we would be there, Mom had been kind enough to save us some of the starter focaccia snack which I graciously polished off in a matter of seconds. :)

Supper as always was an absolute treat, with some delicious contributions from Claire, Mom and Pops and to top it all off, Mom even baked us a double helping of both Ginger and Chocolate pudding for dessert! Good thing we opted to bring some ice-cream with then – even if it was only the crappy frozen dessert stuff that Spar was stocking :(

As always it was a raucous affair with lots of bad jokes and puns flying around, and it seemed that everyone enjoyed it, even Ryan who had to eat at the kiddies table thanks to us stealing all the spots around the dining room table!

Monty and Cheryl were first to leave (having been there the longest as far as I know) with Claire and Riley (shame who was working even while visiting with us) in tow not far behind, leaving Chantelle and myself to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and fresh cupcakes with the folks, chatting a bit and just enjoying the company.

Anyway, eventually enough was enough and a late Sunday evening means an early Monday morning for most, so it was back on the road with a tired Chantelle gently snoring beside me as I navigated us safely (and without clutch hassles) home.