HeadacheI have now officially discovered how not to solve a headache. In olden times, headaches were believed to be caused by demons causing a ruckus inside one’s cranium, this causing pressure which in turn meant that the only viable solution was to drill a whole into one’s head and thereby allow said demons to escape. Needless to say this wasn’t the most popular of treatments.

Anyway, so on Tuesday evening Chantelle was complaining of a terrible headache (as she has been for the last while now) and me being in the silly mood that I seem permanently stuck in when around her, offered to rid her of her headache while she continued on with her cooking duties behind the stove – frankly she makes better hamburgers than me.

My method, although primitive, I believed to be sound of principle and should therefore not fail – indeed, a swift karate chop to the forehead should solve all my liefie’s concerns.

So I pulled back and delivered an almighty blow, stopping just before the point of impact – or at least that was the plan, but unfortunately my calculations didn’t include the whiplash of stopping in such a short space of time and thus I bonked Chantelle squarely in the forehead.


Needless to say, tears came streaming out and the most apologetic Craig you will ever see was out in full force. Luckily I managed to pull a smile out of her pretty quickly, but I’m afraid she’s going to have to chalk this one up as yet another in a long list of Craig-inflicted accidental injuries.


*mwah* Sorry Babes!