Ray of LightSo between all my car troubles, hitting Chantelle in the forehead, an incessant back pain and learning that the restaurant we’ve been planning to go to on Friday night for a month now is actually closed at the moment, you’ve got to wonder just what is going to happen next.

Well, I’ll tell you what’s going to happen next. I’m going to be sitting at home for a week, that’s what happens next!

Yup, my leave for next week (it’s the varsity mid-semester holiday) has been approved which means that next week I can sit back, hide behind my curtains and ensure that nothing else happens to me for a whole week. Absolute bliss I tell you…

Oh, and if you wondering just why I am taking leave at this seemingly arbitrary time of year, the logic behind my decision is quite clear – if I don’t take my accrued annual leave by the end of this year (and it is quite a bit) then I’m going to lose it all – and there is no way I want to waste perfectly good, hard earned leave just like that!

So on the near horizon I see a lot of programming for fun, gaming, exercise, anime watching and manga reading in store for me – believe you me, after this nutty week I can hardly wait! :)