InuyashaAh, I have a big smile at my face when I think that I might finally have Chantelle on the right path to true entertainment enlightenment.

Now I’ve been a huge fan (read fanatic or crazy zealot if you must) of animated television shows and movies since I was small, always preferring the drawn medium to anything live-action can throw me and this is probably something that will never change, much to the chagrin of my friends who would rather go see the latest Hollywood Blockbuster than waste their time on something that doesn’t even have real boobies in it.

Now while I grew up enjoying and appreciating American animated fare, it has obviously long since been surpassed by the Japanese produced anime for which my love has grown and strengthened to ridiculously fanboy heights over the years since I first encountered it properly back in my varsity days.

Unfortunately for me though, my partners never seem to share this particular interest of mine.

However, Chantelle has shown a keen enjoyment of my Justice League and Batman Animated episodes, and has sat through a couple of anime episodes that I happened to be watching as she got home, meaning that perhaps the time was right to slowly but surely start her off in the wonderful world of anime.

But where to start, where to start?

Well, start with a firm fan favourite that appeals to both female and male demographic alike, one which has proved itself by garnering a huge fan base over the years, all of which points to one show in particular that immediately jumps to mind.

Yup, as of this week, Chantelle has loyally been watching Inuyasha on an almost daily basis now.

I’m so proud of my woman. Sigh, truly I am in heaven now ;)

(Although I’m not sure how to react to her picking Paris Hilton in Hottie or Nottie over Inuyasha the other night. Maybe it is too good to be true!)