Now I’ve always been a fan of keeping my hair short, going with a shaved noggin for most of my early twenties and now wearing my hair in an unkempt swathe for most of the time these days.

However, I’ve always maintained a preference for women with longer, more feminine (in my opinion) hair, despite the girls always bemoaning the fact that maintaining and caring for these longer locks is a major mission and time-consuming to say the least – never mind the added hassle of forever shedding hair all over the place and leaving the bathroom plughole looking like something straight out of a low budget horror movie.

However, in an effort to show you girls that things could be far, far worse, I present to you some ladies who really do take a couple of hours a day to look after their hair. In fact, I feel sorry already for the poor sucker who has to do all the braiding on that lot!

girl with extremely long hair sitting on a bench

Hmm, I wonder… just how bad can a ‘bad hair day’ get?