TelkomGot a nice surprise from the company that everybody loves to hate, Telkom, on Friday morning. The last thing you expect from your telephone provider is a phone call from them, but that is exactly what happened when around 09:30 I answered the phone expecting to hear Chantelle’s voice on the other end, but instead getting the dulcet tones of a female call centre operator who seemed to intent on letting me know that Telkom is shaving R30 off my current charges thanks to the fact that I lease the Telkom Closer 3 + Fast Internet bundle from them.

Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, even if said horse is only worth R30 and thus equivalent to a magazine’s cover price, I graciously accepted her news and thanked her for Telkom’s generosity.

Considering how bad this month has started monetary wise for me, I can only hope Neotel forces Telkom’s hand even further :)