Human Warrior Archilon Shadowheart3 SmallMan, so after a weekend away in Bellville with the Montgomerys, it felt good to step back into our own little flat back here in GB this afternoon, and better still was the big sigh of relief when we came around the corner and our flat was still standing there in one piece, sans any big moat around it. In fact the only water problem we had was the slight puddle that had developed in the middle of our bedroom thanks to the leaking ceiling (Olympus and Coco were with us the whole time, so I’ll let them off the hook for this one!)

If you wonder why the sans moat is such a big deal, then you obviously don’t live in the Western Cape or watch the news, because the seas are pretty damn rough at the moment thanks to the kak combination of spring tide and a major cold front/storm that hit us over the weekend, leaving more than a couple of ships in dire straights and keeping our tugboats in business at the same time. In fact I’ve even heard a story about a woman’s two kids who were sucked out into the sea when a freak wave smashed into the window of a seaside restaurant they were eating out at.

And after seeing Beach road today, I can pretty much believe that rather tall sounding tale!

Essentially if you had left anything behind on Gordon Bay’s main beach just before the weekend struck, you may as well forget about it as the beach is no more – hell, even Beach road is no more – thanks to the sea that has reclaimed the lot! According to Chantelle the road was closed for a large part of today thanks to news that more big waves were/are expected, much to the chagrin of all the shop owners along the beachside of course!

As for our property which sits so near to the sea, it seems as if the main bay took the brunt of the nefarious sea raid, leaving us high and dry – though I’m putting my money on the fact that it was the fearsome human warrior Archilon Shadowheart figurine that Ryan bought for me over the weekend that did the trick.

This little fella looks mean enough to scare off even the figurine chomping disastrous duo of Coco and Olympus, so it has to be enough to scare off some sill little wave!

So thanks Ryan for saving our flat! We owe you one buddy :)

Human Warrior Archilon Shadowheart1 Small Human Warrior Archilon Shadowheart4 Small Human Warrior Archilon Shadowheart2 Small