Cat FlapThe main reason for us choosing to camp out in Bellville for the weekend had to do with the Blisters for Bread fun walk we were taking part in on Sunday, with Saturday being the only day participants were allowed to pick up their entry forms at the location they had designated when signing up in the first place. So seeing as Sportsmans Warehouse across from Tygervalley was the most convenient for us, it made sense following our night out in Cape Town to crash over at Monty and Cheryl’s place and then head out the following morning to get all our administrative duties done – besides, someone had to go and say goodbye to mom and pops who were leaving in the morning on their month long trip to the USA!

After a thoroughly enjoyable sleep in thanks to the horribly stormy weather outside and two little kittens who behaved like gold in their new environment (which they were already running after having scared off Cheryl’s two much bigger cats, so much so that we hardly saw Ginger or Mishka the whole weekend!), we finally got out of bed, set about waking up to some nice coffee and rusks and then hit the road to stop over at mom and pop’s place to check that they were all packed and raring to go.

Needless to say with all the air disaster news that has been making the rounds at the moment, mom was less than confident about the upcoming flight, and shame, the stormy weather was doing little to allay her fears (as it turned out, they had quite a bumpy flight up to Johannesburg in the end!). Pops on the other hand was cool as a cucumber and we enjoyed a lengthy visit over coffee, lemon loaf and modder koekies with them, before bidding them a final farewell and taking off for our next stop which was to be the actual entry form collection.

Now by this stage the chances of the actual walk going ahead on Sunday was already pretty dim thanks to the stormy weather and reports that it was only to worsen, but we decided to pick up the entry forms anyway – who can say no to free safety pins after all? I was surprised that the process ran so smoothly and we were literally in and out within a couple of minutes, clutching our little brown envelopes and bemoaning the lack of goodie bags (but not to the extent that Zania was – man, that woman loves her goodie bags! :_D)

Originally I had planned to use Saturday morning to replace my ripped tire and get my car’s alignment sorted out, but Chantelle had convinced me to come through in the Getz instead, meaning that next on our agenda was looking for a cat flap, a search that even Monty jumped in on. However, our first find turned out to be a little bit of a dud and so Chantelle and I went on further checking a couple of other places before we finally stumbled upon the perfect cat flap at the pet store in Tygervalley of all places. So from next Friday onwards (weather permitting) our flat will finally be back to normal – with that stinky old litter box standing outside where it belongs! We can hardly wait :)

Seeing as we were based in Bellville, Chantelle was determined to make the most of her day out here in our old hood, meaning that a girls-only visit with Andri was a must (particularly because Tygervalley was currently holding a major bridal expo, the perfect excuse to get a partner-in-crime in on the job). Of course this left me a little high and dry, but never fear a plan I had thanks to the fact that Ryan had just previously asked me if I wanted to come through to the Figure Fanatix shop with him. So with Terrance and Ryan hooked up, the two of them came through to pick me up from Tygervalley where we did a spot of shopping before driving across the road to go and marvel at all things nerd-like.

Ryan saw and instantly fell in love with a figure from Gears of War while I stopped and drooled at an ultra cool World of Warcraft figurine, gnashing my teeth at my lack of available ‘treat myself’ funds thanks to all the car trouble the week before. Surprisingly though (maybe thanks to his recent raise – again I might add!), Ryan offered to treat me and buy the figurine for me, something he did despite my protestations, leading to the proud figure of arrow-riddled Archilon Shadowheart now standing atop my desk and scaring off all would be trespassers, Coco and Olympus included.

Our shopping urge satisfied, we next drove through to Ryan’s house were we set about clashing over some great games of SoulCalibur 4 and PES 2008 on the XBOX 360, before packing it all up and shooting over to Terrance’s house at the call of the humorous multiplayer ‘Castle Crashers’ that Ryan and I were more than a little keen to try out. Terrance managed to call up Newlande who joined us all the way from Bloemfontein and we were soon bashing it out in a wonderfully animated little action title that had us chortling both in humour and frustration as Ryan and my low level characters continuously got creamed!

Oh, and if my day wasn’t great enough after having received that brilliant gift from Ryan, Terrance went and upped things by giving me a Getbackers Volume 1 DVD that he had and didn’t have any use for any more. Thanks pal, much appreciated! :)

Much later than expected, Chantelle eventually found our new hideout and she successfully extracted me, leaving Terrance, Ryan and Newlande to continue the castle crusades while we hit the road to locate some lasagne sheets for the upcoming supper at the Montgomery household.

With Monty away at work (shame, it was meant to be his weekend off), Cheryl and Chantelle set about cooking up a delicious lasagne for supper while I got to entertain myself by switching between watching TV, playing with Coco and Olympus and reading my Negima! Manga in the meanwhile. Thanks to the chilly and wet weather outside, the decision to stay indoors was a simple one to make and so we spent the rest of the evening eating lasagne and watching the tape of the earlier Springbok clash against the Aussies in which we convincingly kicked their ass – pity we couldn’t have done that last week damn it!

Oh, and then it was sweet, soft bed once more. Oh the pleasure of a good night’s sleep when one is on holiday…