FIFA Night1Seeing as the plan is to make the most of my rather unplanned holiday, a FIFA 07 game at Karl’s place was an absolute must and thus last night saw me hitting the road and driving through to Ryan’s place where I quickly annihilated him in Table Tennis on the XBOX before we grabbed our stuff and popped over to Mr Brown’s house in order to collect our fourth player for the night and in so doing make sure that he can’t escape our clutches at the allure of the ever present Newlande’s online gaming shadow.

Now I’ve been salivating for a taste of my beloved Tangy Russian pizza from Romans’ Pizzas for ages now, and last night was the perfect opportunity for realising this dream of mine – and it was surprisingly with little difficulty that I managed to convince the other two that Romans should be our supper destination for the night.

Of course taking a three man party to a place which makes pizzas in doubles was always going to present us with a rather unique problem, but we quickly overcame this particular hurdle by deciding on taking a single box of two larges, the one being my tangy Russian (with added pineapple) and the other being something completely foreign that I don’t remember the name of because it had mushrooms on it. I don’t eat things that grow in shit you know!

A bit of a wait, a bit of a trundle through Pick ‘n Pay, and soon the three of us were seated down, devouring the hapless pizzas before us as if there was never going to be pizza ever again. Unfortunately for me, dreams and memories always taste better than the real thing and I had to admit there and then that the fabled Tangy Russian was nothing like I had remembered it being, meaning that this was in all likelihood my last ever visit to the fabled emperor’s pizza palace. Sorry guys, looks like you’ve just lost a customer – not that I ever went there that often anyway, so I guess it doesn’t really matter. My bad.

Ryan then proceeded to gingerly navigate us through to Karl’s place and after a lucky wide open parking space which saved Ryan the embarrassment of having to try and parallel park Mom’s Camry, we were in, Mission Football Quite Possible in progress.

Having fooled Karl into opening his front door thanks to a sly missed call I gave him, Terrance, Ryan and I stormed in and immediately overran the place’s defences, with Mr T. and I seizing the couch before anyone could even think of objecting. Luckily Karl had already had the foresight to evacuate poor Patricia out of the premises before we arrived, meaning the unenviable task of making coffee and pouring the beverages then fell to him.

Now as I reported the last time when we crashed Karl’s flat for a night of FIFA with Jeremy in tow, playing on Mr Storbeck’s huge flatscreen TV can only be described as gaming heaven and as such we didn’t leave all that much time for talking and instead got stuck in almost straight away.

Having already decided the team arrangement that would cause the least amount of friction, Karl and I took on the mighty Ryan and Terrance combination of old and while the first couple of games played out pretty equally, the superb teamwork of RT soon overwhelmed the lesser mortals of KC and by the end of the night Karl and I found ourselves pretty much at the end of the whipping stick. Still, the games remained for the most part pretty tight, with more than a few last minute stolen victories and thus the inevitable celebrations to get over with (which took a while to get going thanks to Karl possessing a ‘high five’ with the consistency of a wet Marie biscuit). For a change we also allowed penalty shootouts to take place, and as per usual this left Ryan cursing the system which for some reason seems determined to block him from shooting in any other direction than straight at the keeper. Thankfully the rest of us don’t suffer from the rare medical condition – though I did manage to welly the ball past the posts on more than one occasion! :_)

Without Jeremy’s constant politics to distract me, I actually managed to concentrate for far longer than what I usually do, something Terrance quickly figured out the secret to and then much to Karl’s frustration it was all downhill from there, thanks to a couple of well-timed (and sometimes offish) jokes. Thankfully though we had more than enough snacks (though not enough time between goals and half-time to stuff them into our mouths) to make up for our losses, though I must mention that Terrance was very sneaky in supplying sour cream and cheese pretzels as a snack, full well hoping that he would in fact be the only one willing enough to eat such a devilish combination – a plan soon dashed when Karl and Ryan laid their hands on his packet.

Patricia soon arrived home and found her beloved flat overrun by us four hooligans, stopping long enough only to grab our remaining Niknaks, polish them off, take a few snapshots for Terrance and then dive for the safety of her room. Smart move. You can see why Karl doesn’t have the balls to stand before her and ‘Pat’ her on the head then! (Chantelle, I finally got the answer to this burning question last night – now we know!)

After about 3 hours of solid FIFA gameplay, Karl finally declared an end to the night’s proceedings and kicked us out, a sentiment that was welcomed by Terrance in part, seeing as he happened to be the only one out of the four of us who actually needed to go into the office today.

And so it ended, another terrific four man FIFA 07 foray. This time the team of KC might have been on the losing end of the proceedings, but never fear – one day I’ll learn the art of multitasking (as in playing and speaking simultaneously), this I promise!

FIFA Night2

FIFA Night3