Man, Wednesday already and I’m still posting about the weekend? I must be on holiday! :)

After having it penned in for over a month and then waking up to a grey, overcast sky that is being ripped apart by wind, rain and hail, Sunday morning’s Blisters for Bread fun walk never stood a chance. We only heard the next day that it had in fact been cancelled, but on waking up to such a gloomy scene on Sunday morning, we had already cancelled it from the get go! (Thankfully a quick SMS to Dean and Zania instantly perked me up when they replied that they too had opted to stay in bed the morning)

So the choice was made to stay in bed for as long as possible before Chantelle finally arose to accompany her mom on a shopping trip and quick visit with her Gran, while I ducked out to go and deliver my portable hard drive to Ryan which contained some vids and music that I had promised to him during the week. My delivery didn’t take all that long, and after a bit of chatting and messing about, I was back at the Montgomery stronghold, catching the end of Norbit with Robert and finishing my manga off in the process while waiting for the two Montgomery gals to return.

Lunch for the day had been scheduled in as a pork chop braai and Rob was soon hard at work behind the welcome flames which heated the whole patio and made for quite a nice meeting point for Monty and myself. Chantelle and Cheryl finished up in the kitchen and soon the five of us were all seated down for a delicious braai lunch that left us all begging for more. The main course was washed down with Chantelle’s experimental ‘chocolate pudding with coco crunchies instead of raisins’ (which flopped a fair bit it must be said) and some vanilla ice cream, and then for a change it was Chantelle and I who excused ourselves first (thereby narrowly escaping dishes duty – again) in order to jet off to Dean and Zania and drink a cup of coffee or two with them who we hadn’t seen in absolute ages!

On arrival we were greeted with a rather large squawk and we were surprised to learn that Mr Stapelberg had in fact surprised Zania with a grey parakeet (?) for her birthday, which now takes centre stage in its oversized cage sitting in the lounge. The poor thing is missing its tail thanks to an overzealous cage mate back at the pet store, but apart from that the feathered fiend is happily hopping about and chewing everything it can lay its beady little eyes on.

We enjoyed a whole afternoon of catching up, coffee and cookies, before deciding that the perfect way to end the gloomy Sunday evening off would be to catch Mamma Mia!, a film that both girls were extremely eager to see (much to the chagrin of Dean and myself of course). So a quick trip back to Ridgeworth to get dressed a little warmer – I was still in my shorts and t-shirt naturally – and it was straight through to Cape Gate where we met up with D&Z and settled down to enjoy the musical spectacular that is Mamma Mia!.

After a long (but not that unenjoyable) sit, the final credits rolled, Dean and I shed a tear of relief, the girls chuckled and we bid each other farewell, making the drive back to Ridgeworth where we convinced C’s mom to let us sleep over yet another evening – something she surprisingly agreed to if you consider the fact that we’d been sleeping there since Friday night already and that since Coco and Olympus had forced Ginger and Mishka into an almost complete hiding act, we had hardly laid eyes on the two scaredy cats all weekend long!

So a little bit of TV and then straight into that warm and inviting bed, signalling at last the end to what truly had been a jam-packed weekend! Once again. :)

Blisters for Bread