Screw You! My Life 04 SEP 2008

ScrewAnd seeing as we are currently on the topic of tyres, today we finally got around to investigating the mystery surrounding Chantelle’s slow puncture front right tyre – turns out that there was a nice fat screw embedded deep into the tread (shamefully, since March already), meaning we once again had to call on those guys at Hi-Q (our local branch at least this time) to plug the hole.

Please, please, please let this be the last I hear of tyre trouble for at least the next six months!!

Oh, and seeing as everything is going wrong at the moment, we’ve lost aerial connection to the TV once again. I’ve fiddled around a bit with connectors and stuff, but it looks like the problem might either lie in our external cable itself, or with the masthead adaptor up on the antenna above us. Sigh, guess we’ll need to bring in some professional help for this one too…

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