TerranceNow Mr Brown is certainly no stranger to Gordon’s Bay, having driven out to visit me quite a couple of times already, but yesterday just proved to be the perfect day for another one of these visits as the poor accountant blighters had been given the day off thanks to office renovations, meaning he had no excuse in ignoring my impassioned plea that he come visit me out here on the last leg of my short but oh so enjoyable holiday.

While the sun was shining and it was looking a perfect day for tennis or an energetic round of squash, Terrance had to go and disappoint me by rocking up in his ‘sloffies’ and shorts, indicating a distinct lack of interest in outdoor court activities (just as Chantelle had snubbed my cries for tennis the day before). Unperturbed, though saddened just a little, it did mean that our original plan of hitting the cinema for Tropic Thunder was still on and after a brief sit about chatting away, we were off to the mall for a quick lunch (where my Subway sandwich totally kicked his Dodge excuse of a burger’s ass) and then into the cinema for an enjoyable but silly popcorn comedy romp.

The movie done and the rest of the day lying ahead of us, I took a drive through to Gordon’s Bay proper to show him the destruction that the recent storms had wreaked upon Bikini Beach and followed up on that by giving him a tour of the awe inspiring little book shop Mecca that sits on the main beachfront.

Back at home we found Chantelle returned from work for her afternoon break, stretched out on the couch and enjoying(?) Shanghai Knights thanks to the fact that we are stilling sitting without TV at the moment. We enjoyed a nice sit down chat were Terrance employed Chantelle to investigate accommodation up country for the upcoming RAGE gaming expo that is happening soon, a job that holiday hunting C was more than glad to pick up on!

We then shanghaied the TV for some Orochi Warriors and Champions: Return to Arms gaming action (in so doing forcing Chantelle to get up and do some cleaning around the house) and then followed that up with a leisurely stroll out along our beach, where we were quite surprised to find that the storms had wreaked just as much damage here as what it had on the main beaches of the bay.

Of course, what would a Mr Brown visit be without Fifa 08 gaming and supper from Ooskus fisheries, and so we got stuck into the first part of tradition, tucking in a couple of games of Fifa in which we only managed to grind out rather boring draws which then lead on to the slightly more exciting penalty shootouts, though T was robbed from a certain victory when the machine froze as he took a scoring shot that had already beaten my keeper on the way in.

Declaring it as a sign that the time for Fifa was up, next stop was the guesthouse where we had promised to meet up with Chantelle for some coffee and then allow her to join us on our expedition out to Ooskus for some fish and chips, something the two of us were rather looking forward to.

By this stage darkness was already rapidly falling and the nice warm summer weather was quickly changing to the biting cold winter winds, meaning we all cuddled inside the kitchen where Chantelle made us some delicious hot chocolate which we got to enjoy while she busied about booking guests in.

Unfortunately it was around then when I came to the horrible realisation that Ooskus probably closes soon, a fact that Chantelle unfortunately verified for us by phoning them and discovering that they do indeed close doors in five minutes time.

Damn it.

Close to tears, and barely reconcilable, Terrance and I lamented openly about our lost Ooskus opportunity, and an already feeling bad C then suggested that we change plans to the other local delicacy, that being the famed Flamengos chicken burgers.

Thankfully this Saturday evening’s drive out for fast food went down without a hitch, with my clutch cable staying nice and useable for the entire trip, and we arrived without any incident as an excited C started picking out our food choices for us. Unfortunately for her, she had to go back to work thanks to a guest who was only booking in around midnight, meaning that she had to forfeit the pleasure of heading back to the flat to enjoy eating while watching the fanboyish Batman: Gotham Knight movie that T and I had already decided would be the evening’s main entertainment attraction :)

One long phone call to Newlande later, and we were sitting back, chomping away and enjoying the rather different takes on Batman courtesy of some brilliant Japanese animation houses. Good stuff.

I can’t think of anything better to have ended off a thoroughly relaxing Friday, so thank you for the visit Mr Brown! Just next time remember those squash and tennis shoes, ‘kay? ;)

Oh, and next time we’ll get that Ooskus, I promise… Flameros was rather the letdown after eagerly expecting their delectable fish and chips all day long I say!