Coco AttackYou know what one of the cutest aspects of little old fluffy Coco is? The way she seems to behave like a little puppy at times. She has an intense and unbreakable love affair with this fugly black spider-like fluffy toy with twistable legs and she has a habit of walking around the house carrying this poor hapless spider in her mouth, taking it to wherever it is that kittens go.

However, it is when she brings me the spider, drops it in front of me and then waits for me to toss it (guess she’s waiting for me to play-dangle it in front of her instead), before running off, collecting said spider in her little mouth and bringing it right back to me, that I absolutely melt all over her.

Awwww cuuuutte my baby!

Now if only she’d get the proper hang of the cat flap now! Sadly, she’s a little on the slow side it would seem. It is okay though; Forrest Gump got a movie made about him didn’t he? ;)

That said, as far as I remember, Forrest Gump never peed all over the literally just washed couch and cushion covers because he couldn’t get out of the door and to the toilet in time.

*sigh*, what’s the point of stripping the couch of its cover and washing it on Friday if you cat is just going to pee all over it on Sunday again.