Chantelle MontgomeryYay! Today marks Chantelle’s first year anniversary since she began working at Gordon’s Beach Lodge (which subsequently triggered my own move through to the picturesque Gordon’s Bay) last year. Now she’s had nothing but raw deals since her return from her working stint in Ireland a couple of years ago, so I am more than just a little pleased for her sake that this job has worked out so well and that she is enjoying it as much as she is.

So go bokkie! Well done, and I hope the next year at GBL is just as much fun.

(Now, when do you get to discuss the question of a raise with the bosses? After all, they can’t expect to hold on to this level of excellence without paying for it! :P)

*Edit: Ooh, lucky bugger. Just heard that her boss is taking her out to lunch this afternoon! Sometimes it IS nice to work in a guesthouse it would seem :)*