SnoreApparently I’m rather mean-spirited when I sleep-talk.

(And yes, I do chat in my sleep. I’ve been told by multiple people about this).

Now picture this, I’m fast asleep, dead to the world as always. Now Chantelle has already caught my snoring on tape before, but seeing as I’m currently a little sick with a bit of phlegm on my chest, it is apparently PARTICULARLY bad at the moment.

Anyway, so she prods and pushes on me, which unsurprisingly is as ineffective as kicking a big granite ball, but eventually she elicits a spoken response from me, though I am still fast asleep.

“Babe, please stop snoring. I can’t sleep with all your noise! Turn around or something please”.

To which I apparently pointedly replied, “So put you ear plugs in”.

“But babes, my ear plugs are already in! You’re just snoring way to loud.”

To which I immediately replied, “Well, go sleep on the couch then.”

Ouch. Didn’t know I could be so mean – though neither did she. Apparently she was rather taken aback by that.

Guess I really must be what they call a ‘bad sleeper’! :)