TelkomAh, I’ve finally figured out the mystery surrounding my seemingly never ending Internet cap.

One of the conditions for me working from home for Commerce I.T. is that I need to provide my own Internet connection and seeing as I don’t exactly have unlimited resources, I signed up with Telkom for their Closer 3 telephone with 1GB Internet bundle package. Now in the world of the Internet, 1GB is not exactly a lot and combined with my little 500MB Vodacom 3G package, I tend to surf and use the Net rather sparingly.

Of course, that said, I always end up going well over my cap way before the end of the month and I’ve yet to be capped. Don’t ask me why, I couldn’t tell you!

Until now that is.

Only yesterday did I learn that Telkom automatically gives it subscribers 10GB of free local cap per month, which all of a sudden makes a lot of sense when you think that all the work I do is on a local server, sitting on the university campus!

And who says ignorance is bliss? :)