BadmintonMan it’s frustrating. Just as I finally got into a steady rhythm of exercise after work ever weekday, including normal gym workouts, katabox, yoga and running along the beach, what goes and happens? I fall sick again! All that hard work wiped out by a nagging cough and a tight chest which kept me out of action for yet another two weeks.

Stupid weather patterns.

Oh well, it least it is now finally over thanks to me scaring the last little bits of it out from my system with some badminton play on Thursday evening, when I decided to show my face for a change at the old hall and see if I could blackmail them into letting me play with.

As it turned out, just as well I popped over because now that mom and dad are overseas in the USA at the moment, their numbers are frightfully thin – though the fact that only three pitched up made it perfect because it meant I got hog the court all evening long. (And I’m pretty sure that Ryan was thankful that I showed – otherwise Auntie Elsa and Colleen might have bossed the poor man around all night long!)

Now of course, badminton for me nowadays is a lot more of a docile affair than what it ever was before and apart from a few eyeball-searing Backstreet Boy poses on the ground from a diving Ryan, the evening’s affairs turned out more than enjoyably pleasant – and a lot more sweaty to boot.

Naturally the four of us managed to squeeze in quite a few games and thanks to a brilliant comeback right at the end, Auntie Elsa snatched the overall champion crown off my temple, much to the delight of Ryan who was rapidly becoming disenchanted with my constant calls for his ‘The Incredibles’ shirt thanks to the fact that I was being so ‘incredible’ on court!

Next time I’ll just have to bring my own shirt then. And perhaps a new pair of running (or should that be jogging) legs as well! :)