TouchWorkSometimes it is simply amazing how things just seem to fall into place for me in my life. I’ve always received everything I have ever needed exactly when I needed it. Note, not wanted, but needed. And indeed, the latest such incident has to do with my work environment, exactly when I needed it most.

I’ve been with Commerce I.T. and UCT for a long time now, and while they have always provided a great opportunity for me and remunerated me for my services well, over the last while I’ve become increasingly disillusioned with my role as the realization dawned upon me that I have reached as high as I can go in my current environment and that what I currently do no longer holds any challenges in store for me.

So the idea of finding new work has slowly but surely increased in importance in my life, but as per usual, I simply sat back and did nothing to make it a reality, waiting instead for the world to come to me. And as per usual, it seems to have responded to the call.

Two or three weeks ago I got my first call from a lady I don’t know, asking if I was interested in a job as a legacy VB6 developer for them. Thanking her for the opportunity, I declined on the spot, explaining to Chantelle that this wasn’t the route I wanted to follow.

Then last week I got a phone call from a certain Rory Florence, again a person I have no association with, asking if I would be interested in signing on as a PHP developer with their company, based out in Tokai.

Now naturally my first instinct was, ‘Tokai? No way, that is way too far out’, but his proposal intrigued me and I am indeed eager to move into that particular realm of cellphone-based service programming anyway, so I went ahead and scheduled . And funnily enough, after plugging the address into the GPS system, I discovered that Westlake Business Park in Tokai is precisely as far as UCT is from my house – thank you Baden Powell route.

And what more can I say? The meeting went well, I liked what the company, TouchWork, is doing and I wanted to be on their team. Furthermore, they wanted me. They liked what I can do and what I offer, so much so that they almost bent over backwards to support my requests for things like working from home and in fact didn’t even blink an eye when I mentioned the two month notice period I would need to work out here at Commerce I.T. first. So naturally when they offered me a position with working conditions and pay that is equitable to what I am currently doing, I accepted on the spot, meaning that Monday morning marked the handing over of my first notice of resignation letter EVER.

Surprisingly enough, that went as smooth as silk, so I now have two months to clean up and package everything for the new guy here, before I head out and set up shop in Tokai, starting 1 December sharp! :)