BasketYou know, you would really think cats are smarter than this.

So every time I pull the two, brightly coloured plastic picnic baskets out of the cupboard and plonk them down on the floor, it spells something bad for the kitties. These baskets represent travelling – and little Coco and Olympus DO NOT like travelling.

So you would think by now that this bad association of basket = travel would be well and truly imprinted on their minds, yes? Well no. It would seem that whoever came up with the original line, “curiosity killed the cat”, couldn’t have spoke a truer word.

Hell, I don’t even have to catch them to put them inside. I simply open the first basket, and Coco will come sniffing along, jump inside, and then look all surprised as I close the lid on her. Then right next to her basket, I’ll open the lid on the next one and lo and behold, Olympus WILL come sniffing along, jump into the basket, and look equally as surprised as I close the lid on him.


No wonder cats don’t rule the world – looks like Pinky and the Brain are a better bet after all!