Rogue GalaxyAargh, frustrating! I’m enjoying Rogue Galaxy, really I am. It has a good story, nice graphics and enjoyable real-time combat mechanics for essentially a RPG title, though I must say it leans quite a bit towards the easy side. Of course, this is something I’m not too concerned with as my leisure time devoted to playing games continues to ever dwindle, meaning I really need games that are short, fun, action-packed, fairly linear in level design and not too-hard so that I can make the most out of these infrequent gaming sessions.

So you can understand my frustration when after killing the one of the twin tower bosses that I need to in order to proceed in the game, spending the next hour trying to locate the path to the second boss does not make for the most efficient use of my limited gaming time. Of course, this was made even worse when I realized after my hour of searching, that there were in fact two separate entrances to the twin towers and I had in fact only ever entered through the one, meaning that OBVIOUSLY the other boss lay in the other entrance. Duh! (Man I felt stupid after figuring that one out, believe you me!)

Anyway, at least my 27 hours spent on this game is finally starting to yield some results because I’ve just been rewarded with an interesting plot twist which makes the whole thing become worthwhile again. And just in time too as I was about to abandon it for the tequila-fuelled shooter, Total Overdose, instead. :)

Hmm, not sure whether to blame my frustration on my own stupidity or poor level design – guess I’ll blame it on the cat then.