microsoft xbox 360 consoleNice! Microsoft released word today that they are lowering the estimated retail price (ERP) for the entire Xbox 360 range here in South Africa, with immediate effect.

So your local shops should pretty soon be advertising the standard Xbox 360 which comes with a 60GB hard drive and one wireless controller for R2 699.99. The Xbox 360 Elite, which comes with a 120GB hard drive, will have an ERP of R 3 499.99 and the entry level Xbox 360 Arcade console will have an ERP of R1 799.99.

Apparently Microsoft are pushing hard to grab as much of the console market share here in South Africa as soon as possible, probably in an effort to avoid making the same mistake and losing out completely to SONY in the previous generation console wars. (True, they never really fought the battle here in South Africa last time, but still, they should have)

Currently the Xbox 360 is the lowest priced next generation console on the market, beating out the heavily priced SONY PlayStation 3 and the significantly overpriced Nintendo Wii. Hell, with the latest price cut, the Xbox 360 Arcade just about beats the old PlayStation 2 price as well!

Now if I was Microsoft, my next step would be to develop a motion control system of their own, thereby cancelling out the Wii’s only nifty feature that makes it attractive in the first place. If they could do this, then Microsoft would well and truly control the landscape here on our sunny shores… though one wishes they would hurry and pull their socks up by now: Just where the hell is South Africa’s very own Xbox LIVE experience?


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