Burnout 3 TakedownMan, I’ve been sick since the weekend, coughing and wheezing my way to what feels like an early grave, all of which equals a very grumpy and feeling sorry for himself Craig. So in an effort to lift the mood in the flat, Craig challenged Chantelle to some Burnout 3, one of the only PlayStation 2 games Craig can actually get his better half to touch. (She calls these ‘3D’ games to ‘newfangled’ and ‘complicated’ for her liking.)

Now history has it that I win 90% of the time, and so I naturally expected more victorious runs this time around, even going so far as to make a bet that the loser would be responsible for making dinner that evening. Of course Chantelle was more than up to the challenge once I had added that little clause into my invite and so we hunkered down, pushed the cats out of the way and got straight to business, randomly selecting our first track to battle it out on.

And what do you know… she ROYALLY kicked my ass. Not once, not twice, but flippen’ five times in total!! I could only manage a paltry two wins the entire night, and the second win only came about because I constantly distracted her by talking and yanking at her controller cable!


So I made dinner that evening (though I called in some help with the mashed potatoes it must be said), my plan to feel better about myself completely in tatters.

Thankfully payback comes sooner than later and while my cold is seemingly on its way out, Chantelle is now the one sitting with the sickness and to make things even more fair, her wonderfully close parking bay right in front of our door is now no more seeing as the flat next door to us is finally occupied again – it would appear that it really is easier to hire out than sell nowadays!

So sorry babes, looks like you’ll HAVE to let me win next time! Get well soon! ;)