Lego AvatarNow I must admit to having become a bit of a linkwhore myself, ever since becoming increasingly obsessed with attracting traffic to this little site of mine.

I have however only recently noticed that I don’t in fact return the favour, noting that the Simple PHP Blog platform on which this site is built doesn’t actually link to the optional URL that users submitting comments provide when filling out that much appreciated little observation for me.

And because I hate it when sites don’t link to my URL after I drop a comment on their little part of the Internet, I’ve made the necessary changes and rectified the situation. So all you fellow linkwhores who now drop comments on CodeUnit can happily stand fast in the knowledge that I now link back to you in thanks for leaving me some of your much appreciated worldly observations. :)

But man, what a bitch to try and locate the code I needed to alter in the scripts. Took me a good hour and a half to get it right I tell you! Five minutes to actually insert the necessary code, an hour and twenty five minutes just to locate the actual file with the function I needed to change!